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Green Energy

Ireland needs green energy urgently and FuturEnergy Ireland is on a mission to help make this happen.

Our aim is to generate 1GW of renewable energy from our onshore wind projects by 2030. This will make a significant contribution to the Government’s climate action targets while providing Ireland with the energy security and independence we desperately need. 

But this isn’t only about hitting targets and reducing bills. It is also about making sure we protect the planet for our children and for our children’s children. The pace of global warming can be slowed. Together, we can make a lasting impact. 

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Green Energy Solution

Green energy comes by harnessing the power of our natural resources – wind, water and sun. Renewable energy, primarily onshore wind, provided 42% of our electricity needs in 2020 and 35% in 2021. The percentage in contribution is now expected to reach between 70-80% by 2030.

Electricity generation Sept 2021 – Sept 2022

Source: SEAI data

Government Targets

Renewable energy generation is central to the Irish Government’s energy policy, which is targeting 80% of electricity from renewable sources by 2030 and a carbon neutral society by 2050.


To reach these ambitious targets, an increase in onshore wind power is paramount. The Climate Action Plan aims to more than double Ireland’s onshore wind energy capacity, from 4.23GW in 2020 to 9GW by 2030.

We’ve got the power

Ireland is a world leader in onshore wind.

It has one of the best wind resources in Europe, and an established track record in delivering high quality projects that make a positive impact to communities and also decrease the carbon intensity of the energy we consume.

Turbines photoshot with the drone